Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glossing over reality

We all know the importance of re-reading and checking over written work. It's interesting to think how the brain works, quickly scanning and picking up the smallest omissions or words that don't work - even if it's just one letter out of place. Studies have also revealed that our brain only looks at the first few letters at the beginning of the word and at the end. It fills in the gaps of the word, correcting it and guessing what they would be. This leads me to wonder, do we truly see our bodies for what they are, or do we see the version we want or perceive?

Let me explain. Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and thought, is that what I really looked like? Actress Magda Szubanski recently discussed that she keeps a photo of her nearby when tempted by food. Each time she looks at it she's so shocked that she looked "that big." So, are we capable of seeing the flaws (or even the assests) of our bodies or does our brain give us a glossed over image? Please offer your insight.

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