Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Models...or skeletons?

I'm beginning to really hate the fashion industry and their models. We've all seen them in magazines, we've discussed their clothes or their weight, we've all envied them, and maybe some of us have even taken a liking to them. Models....or skeletons? I'm beginning to not see the difference. You see, there is so much pressure on models to be stick thin so that they are ultimately like "coat hangers" for fashion that many of them subcum to eating disorders or eating disordered habits.

What makes me angry is that these women (and possibly men) are glorified throughout the fashion industry and the media, and eventually the general public. But what are we really glorifying? We are basically glorifying images of sick and undernourished women. We are glorifying eating disorders. Unless the media, marketing, and the fashion industry introduce stricter guidelines to their images and for their models than we will continue to see, and love or hate, images of thin and underweight women for fashion.

And if you don't agree that we should have strict guidelines for fashion advertisements, let me pose you this question: What do those picture-perfect ideal-weight images demonstrate to young girls? That we need to be thin. We need to be perfect. We need to look good. We need to take care of our appearance. Let me tell you, that those messages should not - and cannot - be an individual's reality. These should not become young girls' priorities. Only with change can these messages be stopped.

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  1. Thank you for your great comment! It's great when someone else recognizes what you're trying to say.

    On the above- several major fashion shows now require models to have above 6% body fat. 6%! When something like 20% is healthy for women. Baby steps I guess!


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